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  • Position Statements

  • NACE, Other Higher Education Associations Call for Withdrawal of Executive Order Disrupting Workplace Diversity Training
    NACE, as part of the Washington Higher Education Secretariat, signed on to a letter calling on President Trump to withdraw Executive Order 13950.
    NACE Joins ACE, Others in Calling for Reconsideration of ICE Rules for International Students
    In partnership with nearly 100 higher education associations and organizations, NACE sent a letter to acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf opposing ICE’s July 5 guidance on international students and asking that the administration reconsider its position.
    NACE Position Statement: ICE Pronouncement Regarding International Students and Online Classes
    NACE condemns ICE’s ruling regarding international students who, as determined by their colleges and universities in response to the public health crisis, may need to take courses online and urges ICE to reconsider its ruling.
    NACE Advocacy: Coronavirus Legislative and Regulatory Issues
    In March 2020, as a member of the Washington Higher Education Secretariat, NACE signed on to a number of position statements aimed at improving legislation ameliorating the effects of the coronavirus crisis or dealing with regulatory actions that may hamper the response.
    NACE Weighs in on Accreditation Provisions of CAA
    In January 2020, NACE expressed concern over accreditation-related provisions of the College Affordability Act to the House Committee on Education and Labor.
    NACE Joins HE Associations in Supporting College Affordability Act Legislation
    NACE joined with other higher education associations in supporting H.R. 4674, the College Affordability Act.
    NACE Position Statement: Classroom to Careers Act of 2019
    NACE endorses the bipartisan Classroom to Careers Act of 2019, which allows schools to support students engaged in cooperative education to use federal work/study funds to underwrite the compensation students receive from some private-sector firms.
    NACE Joins HE Associations in Supporting the Dream and Promise Act of 2019
    NACE joined with more than 35 other higher education associations in March 2019 to support H.R. 6, the Dream and Promise Act of 2019.
    NACE Calls for Appropriations Committees to Reject Rescission Proposals
    In May 2018, NACE and other higher education associations urged Appropriations Committees chairs to reject rescission proposals related to student aid funding.
    NACE Calls for DHS to Expedite DACA Renewal Applications
    In April 2018, NACE joined with nearly 40 higher education associations in calling for DHS to expedite DACA renewal applications.
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