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  • Be a “Tiger” in the Office

  • Summary

    This webinar will help increase participants’ control of their careers by building on the metaphor of being a tiger and relating it to the elements of a successful career quest. They will learn about three main elements of the “tiger” model: “Assess your current condition”, “Decide on your career quest” and “Make it personal and compelling.” Assessing your current condition is done by completing a self-assessment; learning to be more entrepreneurial; and developing an approach to survive, adapt, and flourish when faced with change. Deciding on your career quest involves knowing your personal brand, identifying underserved opportunities, and developing a personal value proposition that will serve that need. Lastly, you can make it personal and compelling by learning how to effectively tell your story in written, oral, and social media formats.

    Following this program, you will be able to:

    • Examine personal values and interests, as well as a strategy to deal with and excel when faced with a challenge;
    • Assess your personal brand to determine if it is in line with an identified need and present your personal value proposition in a compelling manner; and
    • Develop means of communicating more directly in written, oral, and social media formats that convey a true sense of the value you can bring to a given opportunity.

    Presenter: Mike Callahan, Director, College of Business, Internship and Career Management Center, The University of Michigan

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